About us


Faculty mission: to be scientific research and educational faculty on the preparation of sought-after specialists in the field of physics and technology with fundamental and practical knowledge, innovation approach, research skills, ensuring priority development and achievement competitive position in world educational space. 

Faculty vision become a leading research and educational faculty of ENU based on the close integration of education, science and industry.

Definition of mission and vision of physical-technical faculty based on the development priorities over the years have been the integrative features of research universities in the world:

- modernization of the content and organization of the educational process based on the development of innovative educational programs with the involvement of specialists from Kazakhstan and world level;

- improvement of the research process based on the involvement of students in basic and applied research;

- preparation of highly qualified scientific personnel and specialists through the master's and doctoral studies at the level of modern requirements;

- implementation of training in areas;

- quality assurance of the faculty, including by attracting the country's leading scientists and inviting foreign specialists

- focus on academic exchange of teachers and students, double diploma education;

- strengthening of material and technical base.