Dear students of the faculty of Physics and technology!

Bachelor's programs



  The faculty trains specialists on a three-level system:

- on the basis of higher education (bachelor's degree, 4-year course) in the following specialties:

•       6В05304 - Physics (natural sciences);

•       6В05305 - Nuclear physics (the term of training is 5 years);

•        6B06219 - Radioengineering, electronics and telecommunications;

•        6В05323 - Technical Physics;

•        6В07146 - Space equipment and technology;

•        6В01510 - Physics teacher training

      Three international scientific and educational programs are being implemented at the faculty: ERASMUS++DOCMEN "Development of a two-level innovation program in microelectronic engineering"; ERASMUS+APPLE  "Applied curriculum for the development of outer space and intelligent robotic systems";  TEMPUS SESREMO "Strengthening of education in space based on remote sensing for monitoring of ecological systems in Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan" (Department of Space equipment and Technology).