The research activities of the Faculty of physics and technical sciences are carried out by research institutes, centers and laboratories:
• “Eurasian International Center for Theoretical Physics” - Director, Dr. Sc., Professor R. Myrzakulov;
• Research Institute "Eurasian Institute of Physics and Energy Research and High Technologies" "- Director of Dr. Sc., Professor K.A. Cuterbekov;
• Laboratory engineering profile;
• Laboratory of Solar-Earth Physics
• Open engineering laboratory of new materials and technologies;
• Laboratory receiving and complex study of nanomaterials.

Priority areas for the development of research at the Faculty of physics and technical sciences: alternative energy; nuclear physics and radioecology; astrophysics, gravity and cosmology, functional materials, infocommunication technologies.

Scientific research is conducted in scientific schools of leading scientists working at the faculty, the achievements of which are widely known both in Kazakhstan and abroad. Faculty scientists work closely with scientists from leading universities in the CIS and far abroad countries. As a result, scientific schools are actively developing under the guidance of leading scientists of the faculty.

Science schools
1. Scientific school of Professor R. Myrzakulov in the direction of "Theoretical Physics";
2. Scientific school of Professor T.N.Nurakhmetov in the direction of "Functional materials";
3. Scientific school of professor А.Т. Akylbekov in the direction of "Radiation Physics of a Solid Body".
4. Scientific school of Professor KA Kuterbekov in the direction of “Nuclear Physics and Radioecology”.

Scientists of the Faculty of physics and technical sciences are the authors of scientific monographs and articles published in international rating journals with a high impact factor included in the Thomson Reuters and Scopus databases and scientific journals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as managers and implementers of scientific projects carried out under the state budget for the following budget programs : 217 "Development of Science", according to subprogrammes 102 "Grant funding for scientific research" and 101 "Program-targeted funding for subjects of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activity "MES RK and others. By implementing such projects actively involve young researchers, doctoral students, undergraduates and students.
In order to facilitate the realization of the creative and scientific potential of young people, the faculty actively operates the Student Scientific Society (SSS), 6 scientific circles are actively working.
Students annually participate in international and republican competitions and contests, conferences, grants; publish articles in international and republican collections, in collections of scientific papers and in international scientific journals with a high impact factor.