International forum "days of space in Kazakhstan

International forum  "days of space in Kazakhstan: Baikonur-cradle of world cosmonautics-2019»

            On November 12-13, the annual international forum "days of space in Kazakhstan" was held in the Expo Congress center of the city of Nursultan, which this year was devoted to the theme "Baikonur – the cradle of world cosmonautics".

            The forum was attended by more than 500 participants, including representatives of space agencies, developers of space technologies, private space companies, scientists, experts, large businessmen, representatives of the media. Also, the international forum was attended by faculty, undergraduates and students of the Department of "Space engineering and technology" of The L. N. Gumilev Eurasian National University.


            The objectives of the forum were:

            - Demonstration of competitive advantages of the industry;

            - Prospects for further development of the Baikonur space complex»;

            - Increase confidence among potential investors;

            - Exchange of technologies, innovations and know-how in the space industry;

            - Establishment of international cooperation in the field of development;

space industry;

            - Establishment of direct business contacts with foreign and domestic partners and investors.


            The international forum discussed the realities and prospects for the development of the Baikonur cosmodrome, the results of space activities in recent years, the prospects for the development of the space industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole. Also, the issues of cooperation with international players of the space industry were considered, which will allow to effectively use limited resources, promote innovation and technology transfer within the framework of Baikonur development.


            One of the main news at the forum "days of space in Kazakhstan" was the message of the Minister of digital development, innovation and aerospace industry Askar Zhumagaliyev that the act on completion of the construction of the Assembly and test complex of spacecraft (sbik ka) in Nur Sultan was signed. "Just yesterday, the construction of the Assembly and test complex was completed, which means that in 2020 we plan to reach a new level and start designing and manufacturing our own satellites. This is the beginning of a great way of Kazakhstan as a full member of the world space community, " the Minister said. The Minister presented to the forum participants and later to all journalists a detailed presentation on the current situation in the aerospace industry of Kazakhstan, the prospects for the creation of Kazakh satellite communication systems, remote sensing, new plans for the preservation and further development of the Baikonur space complex. Under the existing agreements between Russia and Kazakhstan, the Baikonur space complex is leased by Russia until 2050. But, according to the Minister's presentation, "Nazarbayev launch" at Baikonur, from which it is planned to launch new Russian medium-class rockets "Soyuz-5" and "Soyuz-6", is planned to be used for 40 years, until 2062. It is noted that the launches of missiles "Soyuz-5" will be carried out from this complex in 2023, missiles "Soyuz-6" - from 2025. Askar Zhumagaliyev thanked the strategic partners of Kazakhstan present at the forum, including the management of Roscosmos, Airbus, OneWeb, the Asia-Pacific space cooperation organization, Euroconsult, and expressed readiness for further implementation of joint projects. Issues of effective cooperation in the space sphere were also discussed during the meetings of the Minister of digital development with experts of the world space industry.

            Students and undergraduates of the Department "Space engineering and technology" by visiting the forum got a lot of experience in three main areas: "the Development of the Baikonur cosmodrome" "Technology of remote sensing from space and satellite navigation", "Future satellite communications", and also listened to the discussion of the leading Nations in the space industry for the exchange of experience in using results of global space activities and promoting the achievements of Russian space sphere.