On March 7, a concert in honor of the "International Women's Day - March 8"

On March 7, a concert in honor of the "International Women's Day - March 8" was held for all young ladies and girls at the university. The event was organized by the Syyinar ana degene tirirge, the youth wing of the JAS OTAN Physical and Technical Faculty.

 Every girl is a future mother. Mom is a great name. And the giant, and the scientist, and the hero, and the poet — all the great ones gave birth to a mother. The only person who bears a child for 9 months, and then keeps it in the heart until the end of his life, is his mother. Therefore, to respect and honor all our mothers' lives is our share.


 The ceremonial event began with the performance of Mukagali Makatayev’s beautiful song “Ana” performed by the hosts. The event was held in two languages: in Russian and in Kazakh. A talented student of our university Sagyndyk Olzhas performed the song “Ana” for the beautiful half of our viewers. Our talented guys showed their numbers: if one of them danced, the second ones put satirical scenes to raise the mood of those sitting in the hall. A wonderful impression was presented by Slyamov Erasyl, playing a wonderful melody on a saaxophone. And Nysanov Kalybek and Onerkhan Say read a poem, thereby touching the hearts of the girls sitting in the hall.


Solemn event FTF MK "Zhas Otan" ended with a waltz of students of the 1st course. It was noticeable that all the participants of this event were carefully preparing for the concert. So, as this is a sign of respect for our mothers. Respecting mom, it means respecting our teachers and girls. Because some of them are mothers, and some of them are future mothers. The formation of nations directly depends on our mothers. Because, the mother is raised by the nation.