V Workshop-Seminar New Materials and Modern Measurement Technologies (NM&MMT-2018)

On April 16-17, 2018 at the Physics and Technology Faculty of the ENU after L.N. Gumilyov was held V Workshop-Seminar "New Materials & Modern Measurement Technologies-5 (NM & MMT -2018)". 

The main purposes of the Workshop-Seminar New Materials & Modern Measurement Technologies-5 (NM & MMT -2018) were the organization of a lively dialogue between the seminar participants, the exchange of scientific ideas on the most modern lines of modern materials science, the introduction to scientific and technological knowledge. Another main aim of the seminar is to involve young students to the world of modern international science. 

Within the framework of the School-Seminar New Materials & Modern Measurement Technologies (NM & MMT-2010), the following issues were considered: 

• Radiation effects in materials

• Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies

• Science and Technology News

• Computer modeling of material properties

• Prospects for the development of youth science

At the seminar following topical reports were made: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor JINR V.A. Skuratov, invited professor 

T.M. Inerbaev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor 

K.A. Kuterbekov, PhDs of Nazarbayev University Zh. Utepulov, D. Akilbekova and S. Nurkenov, PhD of Institute of Nuclear Physics A. Kozlovsky and others. 

Professor Skuratov V.A. (JINR, Dubna, Russia) 

Invited Professor Inerbaev TM (UCU, China)


PhD Akylbekova D. (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan)

Scientists from Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the faculty, representatives of the Council of Young Scientists of the Physical and Technical Faculty, staff of the Astana branch of the Nuclear Institute took part in the work of the scientific workshop.