In the framework of the "GYLYM JANE BILIM - 2019" XIV International Scientific Conference of students and young researchers RET department held a conference

On April 12, 2019, a conference was held at the RET department as part of the XIV International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "GYLYM JANE BILIM - 2019".

The conference was opened by the lecturer of the Department of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Master of Technical Sciences, Kasenova Merelim Nurlanovna and presented the first speaker:

She delivered Mansurkhan Aigen with the report “She shared her analysis and research with her and her manager about the negative effects of telephones and computers on the human body, then the students spoke 3-year student, Talgatova Nazgul and Narzhaubaev Akniet, topic: “IT alem” desktop network simulator is an innovative solution in the educational ICT market. The speakers demonstrated the simulator, showed the work and features of his work.

Then Zhanurov Nuradil spoke on the subject of the report: Using NFC technology to gain access to the premises. The student demonstrated the work, using a mockup, on which Nuradil and his supervisor, Ph.D. and about. Assistant Professor Nauryzbayev Askar Ergembaevich worked.

The next speaker was Mukhamedia Azamat with the topic of the report “Noise Minimization in Ultra-wideband Communication Systems”, Samigullin Shyngys “Quantum Effects in the Transmission and Protection of Information in a Cryptosystem”, Zhumabaev Begen “Integralts қ rototyң beiimdlu jyyesіnіn sysnynnntobnénénénénénénénénénén.

Following the conference, the best works were selected and the awards ceremony for young scientists was held:

1st place - Zhanurov Nuradil, Talgatova Nazgul


2 place - Muhamediya Azamat, Samigullin Shyngys


3rd place - Asanov Tahir, Mansurkhan Aigen

Zhumabayev Begen was awarded a diploma from the rector of the ENU. L.N. Gumilev.