Scientific seminar “Astrophysics. Cosmology and Gravity”

Scientific seminar “Astrophysics. Cosmology and Gravity” of Eurasian international center of theoretical physics

In January 25, 2019 at 15.30 in 216 the audience (bloc CISI) held a weekly scientific seminar “Astrophysics. Cosmology and Gravity "of the Eurasian International Center for Theoretical Physics. The lecturer was the Associate Professor of the Department of General and Theoretical Physics, PhD Razina O.V. Topic: Cosmological Einstein-Maxwell model  with g-essence. The seminar discussed the model of the late universe with the homogeneous, isotropic and flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric, where the source of the gravitational field is the fermion and boson field, with the Maxwell term in four dimensions. The actuation of the Maxwell term for the Einstein gravity makes it possible to find new approaches to solving the problem of the observed accelerated expansion of the Universe.