Ministry of Education and Science handed certificates of getting scientific-pedagogical degree to master students. 

“Space technique and technologies” Department has been preparing masters of scientific-pedagogical masters as well on a paid basis since 2018. Up to that moment, master students of the STaT department were obtaining the master’s degree in specialized magistracy only.

The specialized magistracy has applied character; all the disciplines have the purpose to deepen the professional training of specialists. Students in specialized magistracy can work while studying; however, they must attend all the classes.  Duration of the study – 1.5 year.

If you are planning to work at scientific research area and be a teacher, then you need to go to scientific-pedagogical magistracy, because there are plenty of hours of scientific research work and pedagogical work in educational plans of this type of magistracy. In the future, after getting the scientific-pedagogical master’s degree you might continue your study by obtaining PhD degree. 

However, if master student graduated from specialized magistracy, but wants to engage in research or educational area, then he or she could continue the study on a paid basis, thereby fill in credits of Pedagogic and other disciplines of scientific pedagogical cycle and get an attachment to the diploma.

In this year, seven master students of STaT Department have wanted to extend the study and get the scientific pedagogical degree. Institute of Training and Department of Academic Issues are engaged in provision of organization and conducting the study.  

All the master students studied in pedagogical magistracy have successfully passed exams and got Ministry of education’s certificates.