Dear students of the faculty of Physics and technology!

Department of Technical Physics

L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University is a university of the classical type, which meets all the requirements of international educational standards.
The Department of Technical Physics, one of the departments of the Faculty of Physics and Technology is a recognized educational and scientific center for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of technology and technology.

What does it mean to study at our department?

Maintaining the traditions of the best scientific physical schools, 3 professors, 1 visiting professor, 12 associate professors and 6 PhD doctors work at the department. Scientists and specialists of the department - pupils of well-known scientific schools - make a huge contribution to the development of physics and applied technologies in Kazakhstan and abroad.

The training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English on the bachelor's degree: "5В072300-Technical Physics". Graduates can continue their studies in the magistracy "6M072300-Technical Physics", "6M074600-Space Technology and Technology", "6M060400-Physics" (natural sciences), etc. Bachelor's studies are 4 years and 2 years in the magistracy. Graduates of bachelor's degree get the qualification "Bachelor of Engineering and Technology". Graduates who graduated from the master's program "6М072300-Technical Physics" receive an academic degree "Master of Technical Sciences". In the undergraduate and graduate students specialize in the following areas of applied and technical physics: alternative and renewable energy, functional materials and nanomaterials, methods of non-destructive quality control of products.